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Byg, leg med og fremvis et legendarisk Star Wars™ rumskib! Denne LEGO® Star Wars 75244 fortolkning af Tantive IV, som set på flugt fra en kejserlig stjernedestroyer i starten af Star Wars: Et nyt håb, gengiver nøjagtigt alle oprørskrydserens kendte detaljer, bl.a. et aflangt skrog, aftagelige redningskapsler, hævbare kanontårne. Hi everyone, I just discovered this community and my first Lepin set, Vader's tie advanced, is on the way. I've always wanted to buy a UCS Tantive IV and build an interior for it. Aliexpress FAQ Lepin Starter Guide Wiki Brickswap Discord. Rules: Do not post any reflinks! Be nice. Before posting, please have a look at the Wiki, Lepin Starter Guide and the Aliexpress FAQ and see if your question is already answered there. There's a sticky for seller ratings and discussions. r/lepin: Discussion of knockoff/custom Lego sets and minifigures by the likes of Lepin, Xingbao, Decool, Lele, Bela and Shen Yuan. I have all the Lepin SW UCS sets, but of these three I've only built the Tantive IV so far. The Tantive IV is ok, not hard to build, not memorable either. The engines stay on fine you just need to be careful attaching them and moving the whole model. The clutch is.

Be the First to Know Get all the latest information on Events,Discount. Sign up for newsletter today. Enter your e-mail Address. The Tantive IV first appeared in the 1977 film Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. The design of the ship was originally to be used for the Millennium Falcon, but it was found that both the name and the spacecraft were too similar to the Eagle Transporter from concurrent television series Space: 1999. Tantive IV LEGO® Star Wars™ construction toy features a radar that doubles as a carry handle, 2 detachable escape pods with space for a minifigure inside, opening cargo hold and removable cargo box, opening 2-minifigure cockpit, rotating and elevating stud-shooting turrets on top and 2 spring-loaded shooters underneath. Discussion of knockoff/custom Lego sets and minifigures by the likes of Lepin, Decool, Lele, Bela and Shen Yuan.

Lepin Tantive Iv

• Tantive IV LEGO® Star Wars™ byggleksaken har en radar som också fungerar som ett handtag, 2 avtagbara flyktkapslar med plats för en minifigur inuti, öppningsbart lastutrymme och avtagbar lastbox, öppningsbar cockpit för 2 minifigurer, roterande och höjbara knoppkanoner högst upp och 2 kanoner med fjädermekanism undertill. The Tantive IV also appears as a ship model in both the X-Wing miniatures game and Star Wars Armada produced by Fantasy Flight Games. A 16-inch 410 mm miniature of the Tantive IV sold at auction for $450,000, making it the most expensive Star Wars item sold at auction.

This premium display solution gives you all of the above but with an integrated Minifigure base containing embedded LEGO studs to display the characters alongside the Tantive IV. Display Stand and Display case. The ultimate display solution for your set. 10198 Tantive IV was released in 2009 as part of the Classic Star Wars line. It contains a model of the Tantive IV with five minifigures, including Princess Leia, Captain Antilles, a Rebel Soldier, C-3PO and R2-D2. Although the model was released with minifigures that could be positioned inside. Build, play and display a legendary Star Wars™ starship! This LEGO® Star Wars 75244 interpretation of Tantive IV, seen fleeing from an Imperial Star Destroyer in the opening moments of Star Wars: A New Hope, faithfully recreates all of the Rebel cruiser's signature details, including an elongated hull, detachable escape pods, elevating gun. LEGO MOC-10308 Mortesv's CR-90 Corellian Corvette - Blockade Runner Tantive IV - building instructions and parts list. 2019-04-13 · Eighteen years ago Lego released their first Rebel blockade runner. In 2009, they followed up with the Tantive IV. This week as fans gathered for the 20th annual Star Wars Celebration, Lego pulled back the curtain on a brand-new version of the iconic ship. The original from nearly two decades ago.

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Instructions For LEGO 10198 Tantive IV. These are the instructions for building the LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV that was released in 2009. Download These Instructions as PDF: 10198_1.pdf View which pieces you need to build this set. Instructions For LEGO 75244 Tantive IV. These are the instructions for building the LEGO Star Wars Episode 4-6 Tantive IV that was released in 2019. Download These Instructions as PDF: 75244_1.pdf View which pieces you need to build this set.

LEPIN 05046 1748Pcs Star Series Wars Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner Set Building Blocks Bricks Educational Children Toys 10019. Lepin 05046 Star War The Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner Set Educational Building Blcoks Toys. 10019 Rebel Blockade Runner is an Ultimate Collector's Series set of Princess Leia's Corellian Corvette, the Tantive IV. The set was heavy enough to require two stands to support it. The Tantive IV appeared again in 2009, as a significantly smaller and simpler set—10198 Tantive IV—in the. Having said all the above, my blog review is still dedicated to my massive and growing Star Wars collection. To kickstart my new series of reviews, I stood for some time in front of my storeroom and randomly decided to open this set - The Tantive IV. Tantive IV leaving Alderaan. The Tantive IV housed living quarters, formal dining rooms, conference rooms, and an engine room. Princess Leia Organa also had a luxurious stateroom on the highest level of the ship to serve dignitaries and official guests. It was appointed with fine art and expensive furniture, and comprised many rooms. Both Bail Organa and his adopted daughter Leia used this Alderaan cruiser on public missions for the Galactic Senate and secret ones for the Rebel Alliance. Leia became famous for mercy missions undertaken aboard the Tantive IV, but the Empire suspected her altruistic acts were cover for treasonous activities. After the Tantive IV intercepted.

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Lepin 05046 New 1748Pcs Star War Series The Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner Set Building Blcoks Bricks Toys 10019.

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